Just So Festival is produced by Wild Rumpus CIC, a not-for-profit family arts organisation who exist in a space where arts and culture meet the natural environment. Working from the Whirligig, 4 acres of woodland in Cheshire, we create experiences which inspire curiosity and design events that immerse audiences in incredible stories and moments of wonder.

Wild Rumpus is a social enterprise producing large scale outdoor arts events, most often in wild natural landscapes. We believe that by creating visceral arts experiences in nature, we can encourage people to re-imagine their relationship with their environment and that by feeling more emotionally connected and passionate about nature people are more likely to take action to conserve and protect it.

Our aim is to minimise the potential negative impacts we have on the environment and to leave a positive contribution to the local community and economy.

Wild Rumpus work year round from the Whirligig, our woodland office on the Rode Hall Estate, from a converted horse-box and treehouse. We spend a lot of time outdoors which we know improves our creativity, health and well-being. You can read more about Wild Rumpus sustainability policies and practices here.

We try to work with other local organisations to positive effect. Last year we offered over 200 free tickets to Just So Festival to local charities to use either to help raise money or to distribute to the people their charity supports. If you are connected to a local charity or organisation and would like to know more about how to get involved, then please drop us a line to

Just So is proud to be part of Energy Revolution, a groundbreaking initiative which turned over 3 million festival travel miles into clean energy in 2018. Find out more about this exciting project in this video or at


We have taken the Festival Vision: 2025 Pledge aiming to achieve a 50% reduction in festival-related annual GHG emissions by 2025. As a participating festival, we will put in place measures to achieve this such as:

  • Reducing waste where possible and aiming for 50% (or more) recycling rates by 2025.
  • Reducing reliance on fossil fuels and aiming to reduce annual diesel consumption by 50% (or more) by 2025.
  • Working with audiences, suppliers and artists to positively influence travel choices and reduce travel-related emissions.
  • Working with the supply chain to improve accountability and the sustainability of food sourcing.
  • Working together as an industry to share experiences (positive and negative) about changes we make, sharing best practice and working toward industry standards where appropriate.
  • Measuring impacts using credible methods
  • Working with Powerful Thinking to share information to enable (anonymous) annual reporting for the industry.

Below you can find information on what we’re currently doing to manage and mitigate the impact of Just So Festival on the environment. We know there’s lots more to be done and in 2019 we aim to get better at understanding and measuring our fuel consumption, continuing to improve recycling rates and reduce our travel related emissions. We will produce a more comprehensive action plan for the future and continue to programme arts that have an environmental message at their core. We’ll also continue to invite other environmental charities to attend Just So Festival to promote their messages, in the past we’ve been joined by Greepeace, the Woodland Trust and the RSPB.

Just So Festival

In 2018 you helped us to achieve a reduction in our festival carbon footprint of 9%.

Here’s how and info about what more we can do:


The average car occupancy for those travelling to Just So Festival is 4, well above the industry average but to be expected considering the demographic of our audience.

We encourage our audience to offset their carbon emissions from their travel to the festival with a donation option at the point of ticket purchase. Last year travellers to Just So balanced the CO2 from 29,312 travel miles with Energy Revolution. 100% of all donations have gone to Solar for Schools, a project that helps schools install solar panels & teaches kids about a low carbon future.

Energy Revolution certificate

We have teamed up with Go Car Share again to help encourage our audience, crew and volunteers to share car journeys whether they are driving or looking for a lift.

We also offer collection and drop off for volunteers from the local train station to encourage them to arrive by public transport.


We monitor water usage on site, with 113 m3 in 2018 it was down by 6% on the year before.

We offer free drinking water from standpipes throughout site and encourage our audience to bring a water bottle to refill.


We managed to reduce our waste significantly in 2018 by 35%.

We have recycling bins around the festival site and in the campsite. We will be sorting waste further on site and residual waste that cannot be composted or recycled will be turned into biofuel.

We aim to build site decor and props so that they can be re-used in future years.

We introduced reusable cups at our bars and have increased free drinking taps for the public and banned disposable plastic bottles being sold on site.

We banned caterers from using plastic disposable serveware, plastic straws, using single use sachets and food waste was separated and composted.

Only biodegradable glitter for sale on site.

All traders will offer discount on tea and coffee if you bring your own cup.


We use LED festoon lighting on site, some bicycle powered lighting in the forest and solar power for phone-charging points.

We switch generators off where not required.


We work with the same traders year on year so that they know our audience and quantities of food to bring with them, hopefully reducing wastage.

We ask our caterers on site to minimise their packaging, to use biodegradable consumables and where possible source food locally, organically and fair-trade.

Our crew caterers likewise source their food and materials responsibly and use many fresh ingredients from the kitchen gardens on site and local farmers.

We’ve increased the range of vendors offering vegetarian and vegan options and encourage others to procure ethical and organic meat and fish.

Future Plans:

We recognise that we’ve got a long way to go to make Just So Festival carbon neutral but that’s our aim. Our plan is to introduce more public facing sustainability projects as well as compost toilets on site in 2019 and we’ll work with a sustainable power consultant.

We hope to work with a food share group locally to take left over food from traders to local foodbanks and homeless shelters.

What you can do to help:

  • Offset your carbon emissions for your travel via our online carbon calculator.
  • Bring a water bottle and refill at the water points.
  • Bring a reusable cup for hot drinks from vendors.
  • Remove packaging on items before you travel and leave it at home or take it away again with you.
  • Car share if you have the space.
  • Use the recycling facilities on site, ensuring you split your waste and avoid contaminating the recycling bins.
  • If bringing glitter ensure it’s biodegradable.
  • Leave no trace, ensure your camping area is left as you find it. We love the Rode Hall Estate and hope to be festivalling here for many years to come, so please ensure every last tent peg and piece of rubbish is taken away.