Happy Campers

Happy Campers

The camping is in the beautiful parkland of Rode Hall Estate, there are no allocated pitches. If you wish to camp with friends please try and arrive together or the first to arrive can head for the biggest space and save room for friends. There will not be enough room for gazebos and canopies, please be aware of your fellow campers’ needs too.  You will need to pitch adjacent to other tents, there will be space on the Rode Drive next to the camping area for families to eat and play, so please camp close to your neighbours.

Cooking and Fires

We absolutely love campfires, however we need to restrict them to the main campfire circle – our lovely friends at the Cheshire Fire Service have been very very clear on this!

There are no fires allowed anywhere else on site, the same rules apply in the camping areas. Any bbq or cooking equipment must be raised off the floor by at least 15cm (6inch) to prevent fires and damage to the grass. If you are changing gas canisters for your cooker, please do so outside and some distance away from the tents.

Also, and for safety reasons, please don’t use candles or lanterns containing candles in the camping areas.

Chinese lanterns are also banned as the wire within them is very dangerous to livestock and there are a number of power lines running above the site. Please be sensible and help us to keep the festival and surrounding countryside safe. Due to power cables, you may not fly kites on the festival site.

Toilets and Showers

There are toilets situated around the site and they are marked on the map. Your camping area may not be right next door to the loo, but should be no more than a five minute walk. The toilets are a mixture of  portable loos and stand alone trailers with flushable loos. If you notice that toilets have run out of loo paper or are getting a bit dirty then please let a steward know.

There are three shower blocks with lovely hot water, which are marked on the map. If you have tiny tots, please see the ‘babies & toddlers’ section for details of baby bathtime. There is a sink area for pot washing on near the showers as well as sinks for teeth brushing and washing.