General Information

The thing that makes Just So Festival truly magical and memorable is you, our intrepid festival explorers. We want to invite you all to bring your skills, talents and ideas to the curious world of Just So. If you can juggle, bring your juggling balls and show us what you can do. Bring your favourite stories and read them around the campfire circle. Bring your guitar, fiddle or just your favourite songs for music and singing in and around the site. This is a festival for you and your family, and the more of you that shines through, the better it will be.

Love Rode Hall

We’re really happy in our home at Rode Hall Estate, we hope that we’ll be invited back for many years to come. Our aim is to leave no trace on the site and we’d be grateful if you would help us achieve this. This means putting your litter in the bin, and leaving your campsite just as you found it.  Please take care not to wander into areas marked no entry and try not to disturb the wildlife on site.

Practicalities – getting here and going home.

First things first, if you are coming, you need to have booked in advance, and bring your tickets with you. There will be no tickets for sale at the gate so if you turn up without booking you will be turned away.

The car park will open at 12 noon on Friday 16th August so that campers can arrive and get set up early. Wristband exchange will also open at 12 noon. The gates into the festival will open at 2pm. Please do not arrive any earlier than noon as we can’t let you in and you will be asked to move on, so could start your festival experience by driving round in circles while you wait!

Campers are welcome to stay on site until 11am on Monday 19th August, but we do ask that you are packed up and ready to hit the road by then.

Day ticket holders are allowed to stay at the festival from 9am until late (as long as they don’t stay over), and the car park will open at 9am for day ticket holders on Saturday and Sunday.

Nobody is permitted to sleep in the car park, in a tent, car, campervan or caravan.

Campervans and caravans will be turned away unless you have booked a campervan/caravan spot directly with us in advance.

Please try to keep the number of vehicles you bring to the festival to a minimum and help to reduce the impact of the festival on the environment and local communities.

At this year’s Just So Festival we are committed to making the festival as green as possible and ask you all to consider your environment and the effect your travel has on it. Therefore we have teamed up with the friendly folks at GoCarShare to help encourage as many of you as possible to share car journeys by offering lifts. Just click on our page and add your journey, whether you are driving or looking for a lift, and they will match you with someone going the same way.

Getting here

The correct festival address for everyone this year is Cricket Ground Entrance, Rode Hall Estate, Scholar Green, Cheshire, ST7 3QT.

 On arrival

Campsites open at 12 noon on Friday, and the main site opens at 2pm. Wristband exchange also opens at 12, so head there early to avoid queuing!

On arrival our stewards will direct you to a parking spot. Your ticket entitles you to free parking for the duration of the festival. Vehicles are left at your own risk. If you require a disabled parking spot please let us know in advance.

There will be no vehicles allowed past the car park and into the festival site. Vehicle movement is prohibited on site throughout the festival, to keep all festival-goers, especially the small ones, safe.

The camping is around a 5 minute walk from the car park. We can’t guarantee that there will be volunteers available to help you carry your camping gear from the car park to the tent so you should plan to do this yourself and only bring what you can reasonably manage.

Trolley Hire


Details for 2019 Trolley Hire service coming soon.

Happy Campers

The camping is in the beautiful parkland of Rode Hall Estate, there are no allocated pitches, if you wish to camp with friends please try and arrive together or the first to arrive can head for the biggest space and save room for friends. There will not be enough room for gazebos and canopies, please be aware of your fellow campers needs too.

If families in tents want to camp with families in camper vans or caravans that’s fine they can go in the campervan/caravan field but please pitch your tents sensibly and keep an eye on your children in case of moving vehicles.


Tickets will be exchanged for wristbands on arrival. Please visit the wristband exchange at the festival entrance before trying to enter the site. Wristband exchange will open at noon on Friday, so head there early to avoid queues at 2pm when the festival gates open. Parents, please write your mobile telephone number on your children’s wristbands straight away. There is good mobile phone coverage on site (see below for more info on our lost child policy). Please keep your wristbands on for the duration of the festival, as we may ask to check them at anytime. Once you have your wristbands you will be able to come and go from the site as you please.

Getting around the site

The festival site isn’t huge, but might get too much for little legs. There is a hard-standing path around the site, which will be fine for most pushchairs, wheelchairs and buggies (though off-road versions will be more nimble). Almost all of the areas are directly accessible with wheelchairs/pushchairs with the exception of some areas in the Spellbound Forest.

We recommend a baby carrier/sling to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything and there will be a buggy park area and sling library to make this easier for you.

Food and Drink

You are very welcome to bring your own food and drink to the festival. Do not, however, bring any glass with you at all. Broken glass is very dangerous for kids and for animals who will be using the site and fields after the event. Leave all glass in the car, decant it into plastic bottles or pots or bin it. There are no exceptions.

You can bring your own alcohol to consume in the camping areas but it is strictly prohibited to  bring alcohol out of the camping areas into the activity areas or the social. There is a licensed bar on-site.

You can see the range of food and drink providers on site for 2018 here.

Rode Hall Tea Rooms will also be open for homemade breakfasts, lunches and cakes made from the organic produce grown on the estate.


On arrival to the festival campers will be given two bin bags, the black one for general rubbish and the clear one for all recyclables. If you fill your bin bags there will be more tied to the recycling points. You must aim to leave your camping spot as you found it, take everything home with you and leave all waste in the waste area provided. Please make a special effort to take all of your tent pegs with you as sheep live on these fields the rest of the year round. Our waste provision services will separate all the recycling at source. Bins around site are also separated out into general waste and all recyclables, please make sure you use the correct bins.


Water is available from stand pipes around the site – this is drinking water but please don’t drink directly from the taps, bring a water bottle with you. You mustn’t use the stand pipes for washing yourselves or your pots.

Cooking and Fires

We absolutely love campfires, however we need to restrict them to the main campfire circle – our lovely friends at the Cheshire fire service have been very very clear on this!

There are no fires allowed anywhere else on site, the same rules apply in the camping areas. Any bbq or cooking equipment must be raised off the floor by at least 15cm (6inch) to prevent fires and damage to the grass. The last thing we want is for the site owners not to let us back next year. If you are changing gas canisters for your cooker, please do so outside and some distance away from the tents.

Also, and for safety reasons, please don’t use candles or lanterns containing candles in the camping areas.

Chinese lanterns are also banned as the wire within them is very dangerous to livestock and there are a number of power lines running above the site. Please be sensible and help us to keep the festival and surrounding countryside safe. Due to power cables you may not fly kites on the festival site.

Toilets and Showers

There are toilets situated around the site and they are marked on the map. Your camping area may not be right next door to the loo, but should be no more than a five minute walk. The toilets are a mixture of  portable loos and stand alone trailers with flushable loos. If you notice that toilets have run out of loo paper or are getting a bit dirty then please let a steward know.

There are shower blocks with lovely hot water, which are marked on the map. If you have tiny tots, please see below for details of baby bathtime. There is a sink area for pot washing on near the showers as well as sinks for teeth brushing and washing.

Babies and toddlers

Lots of tiny tots are coming to the festival, and we are keen that their first festival is a pleasure for the whole family. You can find our lovely nappy-changing tent with mats, nappies and wipes thanks to Naty in the Peekaboo area.

This is also where you can find the baby-feeding boudoir, sponsored by Medela, so mums can relax and breast or bottle feed their babies in relative peace. Bottle and food warmers can be plugged in and used in the Social Barns where we’ll provide a bottle warmer or bring your own.

From 5-7pm each evening, baby bathtime will take place with Weleda in Peekaboo, with baby baths and bubbles. Please bring your own towel.

Workshop bookings

Most activities do not need to be booked. Just turn up at the start or drop in, depending on what it is. If the session is already full, you might be asked to come back later. A few workshops do need to be booked. This is specified in the programme.

To book for a workshop, go to the area where the workshop is being held and book with our lovely area stewards. You can book from 9am for morning sessions and 12pm for afternoon sessions each day. We hope this makes the system as fair as possible and that it will prevent people having to queue for a long time.


We have ATMs on site so there should be no need to carry large amounts of cash around the festival.

The ATMs are located on the Village Green. There will be a charge for using them.

Phone charging

A phone charging service is available at the Information Tent at the main entrance. Please bring your own charger. We ask for a small donation for this service.

First Aid

We have first aid provision on site day and night. If you require first aid, please make your way to the first aid point at the Social. In an emergency, please alert one of the festival stewards who will radio for a medic to attend. Please do not call 999 as our medics will get to you much more quickly!

Lost children

All children will be given a wristband on entry to the festival, with a space for a parent’s mobile telephone number. Please keep your phone with you. You can charge it up at the information tent.

We suggest that families with older children make clear plans as a family when they arrive at the festival, with an agreed meeting place if you lose each other. If your children cannot find you, show them what our festival stewards look like so that they know who to approach (they’re the ones in the marvellous top hats).

Lost children will be cared for by the registered child carers and can play and have fun while they wait for you at the lost child point.

Give your children the same advice you would if you were anywhere else: don’t go off with strangers or anyone without telling you first.

What to bring

Some suggestions of what not to forget when camping with kids…

Sunscreen, waterproofs, wellies, sunhat, warm blankets – it will probably get cold at night, waterproof picnic rug, transportation – a buggy (with a raincover) or sling, first aid kit, wipes, wipes and more wipes, nappies, anti-bacterial hand gel, bucket/travel potty – for midnight wees, torch, fancy dress.

What not to bring

Any animals, glass, bikes, anything illegal, fireworks, kites, sound systems.

Security at Just So Festival

The safety of our festival goers is always our top priority. We are working together with our security company and the authorities to put in place all necessary measures. Any additional information or advice will be communicated to ticket holders.


Please respect the other festival goers to make our festival a safe and enjoyable one for everyone.

Everyone is going to get along famously, but Just So Festival reserves the right to eject anyone from the festival site if we deem your behaviour to be antisocial or inappropriate in any way.

Children are the responsibility of their parent/guardian at ALL times.