Alternative Packing List

Yes, yes, we’re sure you’ll bring your tent and probably some pyjamas. But now for the important stuff!

CAAAAAKE! Bring your best baking to the Just So bake off, and you could win a family ticket for next year’s festival. Bring them to the Village Green tea tent by 6pm, and after judging they’ll make their way to our volunteer tent to treat those superstars.

Costumes, costumes, costumes. Dressing up is welcomed with open arms at Just So. Dress up for the Tribal Tournament on Sunday the Fairy Ball on Friday, for Pirate Training all weekend, or as whatever you like, whenever you like!

Your pillows. You’ll need them to sleep, but also for the PILLOW FIGHT.

Binoculars. All the better for looking like an explorer, and for spotting birds in the Mad & Marvellous Bird Hunt.

Your best paper plane making skills for the Grand Paper Plane Contest.

Your dancing shoes to strut your stuff in Jitterbug.

A parrot. Not really, but we would be well impressed.