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We’re committed to ensuring a more accessible and enjoyable experience for disabled customers and those with specific requirements or additional needs. We are working closely with Attitude is Everything to make this possible and are thrilled to have been awarded Gold on their Charter of Best Practice.

Team Just So work hard to make adjustments and additions to the festival to make it as accessible as possible. If you have any questions about accessibility at the festival, please don’t hesitate to email

Just So Festival 2019

Looking forward to Just So Festival 2019, the information below should give you a good idea of what is in place before and on site to make sure you have the best experience possible. Take a look!

Click on the titles below to see a drop-down of more extensive information.


Before Just So

 Alternative Format Information

All information about the Just So Festival is available as a word document upon request – please email

Virtual Tour

Take a look around the site, and get a better idea of where you’ll be coming for Just So! This might be particularly useful if you’re talking to Callum about specific site challenges, you can have a look before you get here. Find it here.

Accessible Parking – reserve a place

We have accessible parking feet from the festival entrance along a tarmac roadway. To reserve an accessible parking space, please complete our Access Requirement Form. You must display your blue badge in your car upon arrival and throughout.

Free Personal Assistant Tickets

We operate a free personal assistant ticket scheme. You are automatically eligible for this scheme if you can supply one of the following:

  • Front page of DLA / PIP (no specific rate required)
  • Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate required)
  • Evidence that registered severely sight impaired (blind)
  • Recognised Assistance Dog ID card

If you would like to take advantage of the free personal assistant ticket scheme, please book the rest of your tickets as normal through Ticket Sellers, either online or over the phone. Then, when you have your booking reference number, please click here for our access requirements form, to either fill in online or to download as a word document to email or post.

When we receive your access requirement form, with your booking reference number and attached evidence, we’ll process your Personal Assistant tickets. These will be sent out separately to your paid tickets.

We recognise that the evidence above might not include everyone that has an access requirement. If you do not have any of the above evidence but wish to apply for one or more access provisions, complete the Access Requirement Form stating why you require them. You are welcome to post or email copies of any additional evidence that supports your application if you have any, or contact us to discuss your application. Your application will be judged on a case-by-case basis

Accessible Camping – reserve a place

You can also use our Access Requirement Form to book a place in the Accessible Camping area. Just make sure to attach your booking reference number to the form. This helps us anticipate how many people will be needing space in this area.

At Just So

Information Tent

The Information Tent, found just next to the main festival entrance, is often the first port of call with any query or question. Our Information Team are more than happy to go through the programme with you, point you in the right direction or get in touch with Callum on the radio. The team are trained in equality and access awareness, and will be honest, open and as helpful as they can be.

From needing to know the way to the High Seas to wanting to take a look at the Woodland Stage before it’s open – the Information Tent is the best place to ask.

Hint: If you want to talk to Callum about any access issues or concerns during the festival, they can always reach him from here too.

The Information Tent is also fitted with a hearing loop, for those using hearing aids.


Accessible Camping

We provide an accessible camping area 50 feet from the main entrance to the festival. The area is grassy but firm and situated next to a tarmac roadway, which continues around site (see site descriptions below). We’ll be sending out car passes to everyone that has booked an accessible camping place.

Accessible Camping opens at 11am for set up, this is an hour earlier than standard camping. We hope this will give you time to set-up, relax and get ready to enjoy the first day of Just So!

You will be able to pitch your tent to the left of your car. This area will also have a wheelchair-accessible shower, accessible toilet and water point within 50 feet.

Both the festival entrance and First Aid are manned 24 hours a days, so there will always be someone within at least 50 feet should you need assistance, 75 feet for medical assistance. Both the charging point and refrigeration facilities are also within 75 feet, located within the First Aid area of the “Information Tent”.

There is an accessible toilet and shower at the entrance to the Accessible Camping area, with the main camping toilet and shower block only 75 feet away.


Taxi Drop Off Point & Accessible Day Parking

A taxi drop off point is accessible via the festival entrance. Taxis will be allowed to drive most of the way up to the festival site, approximately <100m from Wristband Exchange, where Accessible Day Parking is situated. From here into the site is a hard-standing path.



We provide at least one accessible toilet at each main toilet blocks within the festival site. There is an accessible toilet at the entrance to accessible camping as well.

We know how much people rely on accessible toilets, and will be keeping an extra eye out to make sure they’re maintained to a good standard throughout the festival. If you find this not to be the case, or if there’s no loo roll, please do let one of our stewards know.


Charging Point

Charging points for power wheelchair batteries and other access equipment will be available 24 hours a day at the First Aid point in the Information Tent. This is next to the entrance to the main site, approximately 75 feet from the accessible camping area.

If you need to use a charging point please let us know by emailing


Assistance Dogs

Assistance Dogs are welcome on site, and in all festival areas. We will have water bowls at several points on the site, with ‘spending areas’ both in the festival arena and close by to the Accessible Camping Area.


Refrigeration Point

A fridge will be available 24 hours a day in the First Aid point in the Information Tent, should you need medicine or specialist food keeping cold during your time at the festival. The Information Tent is situated next to the main entrance to site and 75 feet from accessible camping.

If you need to use a refrigeration point please let us know by emailing


Quiet Space

If a moment of quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the festival is required then you can head to the Autism Inclusive tent opposite the Observatory. Autism Inclusive is a great local organisation that facilitates for and enables people with Autism Spectrum Conditions and their families with peer based support with a welcoming atmosphere for all. 

Find out more about the excellent Autism Inclusive here:

Hint: If quiet spaces are something you’re looking for, keep an eye out for the acts with the “Quiet Corners” label.


Changing Space

If you need more space to change whilst at the festival than our accessible toilets provide, we have a changing space that we can offer you. Just ask at the Information Tent which is next to the main entrance.


Medical Services

First Response provide comprehensive medical advice and treatment facilities and are very flexible in meeting specific needs. They will be based in the Information Tent, 25 feet from the entrance to site, and 75 feet from Accessible Camping.

In the event of a medical emergency please alert our staff so that the on site first response team can get to you as soon as possible. If an emergency services vehicle needs to come on site, medical services and security teams will work together to get a crew to the right part of site by the best route.

You can also use our Access Requirement Form to tell us about any specific requirements you have, so that we can work together pre-festival to put something suitable in place for you!

Accessible Programming

Programme Guidelines

Our programme guidelines should help you to judge which bits of the programme will help your family to have the very best experiences. You can find the details here.

The Wild Rumpus Parade

On Sunday all of the tribes will march from their areas on site and come together at Footlights to find out who has won the Tribal Tournament!

If you’d like to come along, but don’t feel able to march in the parade, we can meet you in a set aside space at Footlights. From there you’ll have a great view of the stage and the rest of the families marching in.

Get in touch with Callum at if you’re interested.

Hint: If you’re looking for something a little quieter than the Parade, take a look at the campfire area.


Access To Performances

We are working with both local and national groups to put in place different options for accessing performances, including BSL, makaton and captioning.

Please do get in touch with us to talk about this, as feedback is so important as we plan – hearing what is useful from our audience directly is vital to keeping our access provision relevant. Give Callum an email on


Strobe Lighting

As a rule strobe lighting is not used in performances at Just So. If this were ever to change we are committed to making audiences aware of this both before the festival and on the festival site.

For any performances with strobe lighting we would put ‘STROBE’ on the information boards at the venue entrances, as well as having Just So team members telling audiences on the way into the venue that strobe lighting would be used, and at what point in the performance this would be.


Just So Festival – Site Description

Hint: if there’s something you’d have loved to experience in an area you can’t get to, we can try and bring characters or performers to other areas to meet you. Just ask, and we’ll do whatever we can!

The Social – Location of all our lovely food vendors and bar, barns for eating in, and a large toilet block including an accessible toilet. This is entirely on hard standing, with some uneven graveled areas.


Footlights – Our main stage is in the corner of a grassed paddock, right next to The Social. The main stage is easily visible from large hard standing areas of the social, whilst we will also have a hard standing platform situated to the right of the stage for accessible viewing.


Village Green – A large parkland area, with two hard standing roads running next to it. Activities take place on grassed parkland, or in tents across grassed parkland from the roadway (short distances <50m). Inside, the marquees are grass.


Peekaboo – Our dedicated area for families with children aged 0-4, Peekaboo is on grassed parkland adjacent to one of the hard standing paths through site. Marquees are close to the roadway. Inside, the marquees are a mix of grass and wooden floors.


The Observatory – A large parkland area, with two hard standing roads running next to it. Activities take place on grassed parkland, or in tents across grassed parkland from the roadway (short distances <50m). Inside, the marquees are grass.


Jitterbug – A large marquee with a wooden floor, accessed across grassed parkland from one of the main roads through site (<50m)


The Spellbound Forest – A densely wooded area, accessed up a slight grassed slope from one of the main roadways through site. Some areas within the Spellbound Forest are more accessible than others. The campfire and woodland craft activities are on flat woodland floor. There are no formal paths in this area, ground cover is leaves, twigs and similar. The woodland theatre and Museum of Curiosities are accessed across much more uneven and soft ground, including quite steep slopes.


The Silver Screen, Travelling Barn and The High Seas – Grassed parkland, accessible along undulating bark pathways (approx 350m from hard standing roadway). There is a small section of sloped grassed parkland between the road and the bark path. If the ground gets soft here, please speak to a steward, who will be able to take you along an alternative route. Activities take place on grassed parkland, or in marquees across grassed parkland from the path (short distances). The beach installation is the furthest point from the path (approx. 100m).

Away With The Fairies – Woodland area, along a bark path. This area is approx. 200m from hard standing roadway, along undulating bark pathways. If the ground gets soft here, please speak to a steward, who will be able to take you along an alternative route. Most activities are directly adjacent to the bark pathway, but some involve exploring deeper into the woods on very uneven and changeable terrain.


Any questions, problems or concerns

We hope you have an excellent time at Just So, and hope that this information will help you do that. We have a great team at the festival who will be happy to assist, answer and arrange as best they can.

If you’re not comfortable going into details with our team on site, or if you would like to speak to someone else about access on site, ask any of the team to radio Callum (Safeguarding and Accessibility Manager) and he’ll be there in a flash, no questions asked.