Tales of Animalia

Adventure into Tales of Animalia to encounter lands, creatures and characters beyond your wildest dreams from the strange imaginations of our friends The Fabularium.

All ages

The Cautionary Tales of the Animalia

The Fabularium return to the Animalia at Just So Festival with a new series of tales to tell! Join us in the Animalia to hear not one, not two, but three of The Fabularium’s Cautionary Tales; tales to heed for those considering ill behaviour. From Belloc to Hoffman, hear stories of humans and animals who have committed dark misdeeds and met darker consequences, including Naughty Little Suck-A-Thumb, Cruel Frederick, The Cat and the Matches, plus many more!

Friday 15:00—15:30
Sat & Sun 12:00–12:30; 14:30-15:00

The Lion’s Lullaby

As the sun sets in the Animalia and its inhabitants turn in for the night, one animal struggles to find peace: King Noble Lion cannot sleep! The King has turned to his loyal subjects for aid, requesting them to tell him stories to send him into slumber. If counting sheep doesn’t help you get to sleep, maybe bedtime stories with the King will! Come and join The Fabularium at dusk to close the Animalia for the night with a bedtime tale.

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Every day 18:00—18:30

The Carnival of Animals

As you pass through the Animalia, why not stop to hear the creatures recount their tales of the woodland realm? With multiple vignettes and animal characters around, the creatures of the Animalia will ensure there are plenty of stories to see and hear throughout the day.

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Walkabout, throughout the day

The Magical Moving Trees

The Magical Moving Trees are living sentient beings, the guardians of the woodlands. The age of these wise Dendroids are unclear, for they have wandered the wilderness unseen for as long as time itself. They seek to protect their beloved brethren of the forests, and so have revealed themselves and travelled to meet the creatures that rely so heavily on them for resources: the race known as ‘humans’.

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Walkabout, throughout the day

The Cyclops & his Naughty Flock of Sheep

The Cyclops, a tall being with a wily flock of sheep. He seemingly spends all of his time working very hard with the help of his loyal hound to round up his naughty flock of sheep. The sheep are innocent and curious but also have a short term memory. They seemingly forget they are being herded and everything becomes a distraction. So hold on to your crisps, guard your ice cream and be prepared for anything to happen while the naughty flock are on the loose!

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Walkabout, throughout the day