Key to the programme

Programme guidelines

In 2015, we introduced programme guidelines, to help you to judge which bits of the programme will help your family to have the very best experiences. These guidelines might be especially useful if members of your family have specific access needs.

MSN copy

Make Some Noise – No need to worry about a little extra noise.

P copy

Participate – If you want to get stuck in and take part.

QC copy

Quiet Corner – Away from the hustle and bustle of the festival.

SBR copy

Sit Back & Relax – No effort or participation required.

SS copy

Sensory Spectacle – Very visual and nicely noisy.

T copy

Tactile – For hands on explorers.

Age guidelines

Every family is different, so although we have indicated age guidelines, these are flexible, and we’re happy for you to judge which activities your children will enjoy most. The only exceptions are activities in Peekaboo, which have been designed especially for the very young, and in The Forgotten Courtyard, where the workshops have been developed for older children.


Please be aware that, although we try as hard as we can to stick to the timings in the programme, the nature of a festival means that timings can slip, and some flexibility will be needed. Some of the best experiences can be the ones you chance upon.

Programme changes

Any programme changes will be written up on the programme change board by the Information Tent, and on the blackboard at the entrance to the area where the performance/activity has changed. If you’re heading for something specific in a further flung area (Away With The Fairies or the High Seas), it’s worth swinging by the programme change board first.