Between Stillness and Storm

Aiming to provoke contemplation and wonder, Between Stillness and Storm presents a large-scale sculptural installation generating audio and visual responses to changing weather conditions, in daylight and at night. The installation combines traditional and contemporary techniques for ‘sensing’ the weather, through both analogue and digital equipment such as atmospheric sensors, solar panels, anemometers and Crooke’s radiometers, using the weather itself as a source of power.

Developed in response to the festival site, the beautiful, kinetic sculptural form of anemometers will make up the core architecture of the work, supplemented by additional equipment. Grouped in multiples, at varying heights and scales, these devices will form a field of ‘islands’ that you walk through, as you experience weather observations and recordings translated into sound, light and motion.

Triggering personal responses and referencing cultural precedents, for example from related literature, Between Stillness and Storm provides an intergenerational and accessible platform for further exploration of how the weather and our state of mind are inextricably linked.

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Friday 14:00—22:00
Sat & Sun 09:00—22:00
All ages

Between Stillness & Storm

Between Stillness and Storm is a collaborative work by Aidan Moesby and Tim Shaw, produced by Kerry Harker.

It is a co-commission supported by Unlimited Impact, with funding from Spirit of 2012, and the Northern Festivals Network, supported by Arts Council England.



Unlimited Impact